Are you a runner?

Are you interested in getting into running shape?

Are you contemplating signing up for a race?

My First Half Marathon

My Running Story

I finished my first half marathon in March 2009.  This was the first time I really learned to LOVE running.  I ran track in high school but I felt no ties to it.  The only time I really liked to run was with my dad in the mornings, although I didn’t like the time we would go (hello! 5am!?!?!)

Since then I have done 3 more and continue to set my sights on new races and new goals.




The things I love about running:

  • The community involved. If you’re a runner and you talk to another runner there is an underlying respect that you immediately have for one another.
  • The Runner’s High. Although I haven’t experienced it all that often, I do love the feeling I have after a run.  The feeling of accomplishment and pride (even if it’s only 2 or 3 miles).
  • The Clothes. I love to buy exercise clothes!  Exercise clothes are to me what jewelry is to most girls 🙂

So if you’re a runner, thinking about running, here’s some of my favorite stuff related to this crazy sport.




  • Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer – most motivation book I’ve ever read.  If you need something to get you out the door for your next run, try this out!
  • Marathon by Hal Higdon – pretty much what the race is all about, what to expect during training and the race, and a few training plans.  Get this book if you ever decide to train for a half or whole marathon!
  • Runner’s World Magazine –  seeing it in the mail makes me want to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement.


  • The Stick and a Foam Roller:  great for soothing sore muscles
  • Nike+ Sportband – a way to keep track of your mileage without spending a fortune
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire – my favorite running shoes.  Get fit for your own at your local running store!

Races I’ve Loved:

  • Pittsburgh Marathon and Half Marathon – I may be partial because I am from Pittsburgh, but I seriously believe this is one of the best run races out there.  I ran it in May this year in the pouring down rain and still loved every single minute
  • THON 5k – As a Penn Stater, the THON 5K symbolizes the heart of PSU.  FTK (for more information about THON click here)

So keep on running and I’ll see you at the finish line! 🙂



One response to “Running

  • Shawna

    Just got back into running. It was so natural to come back to. Time definitely needs to improve, but I have the stamina 😉 So I’ll def be looking at your fuel foods and such. You are going to rock the marathons.

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