I received my bachelor of science degree in the Nutritional Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University this past May.  Love ya lions!  Now, this fall, I will start the pursuit towards my PhD in Foods and Nutrition at Purdue University.  I’m adapting to life in the mid west but my heart will always be in State College, PA.

I believe my interest in health started when I was very young.  I started watching (and working out to) Denise Austin workout tapes (yes it was a tape, dvds were still a thing of the future) in middle school.  My dad taught me that exercise is not only a great way to stay healthy but a great way to de stress.  Thanks DAD!


At first I wanted to be an MD.  Then I thought maybe forensics was my calling.  Then I thought about long term care management….now I realize that Nutrition and Health have always been my passion.  How could I not have noticed my love for food????

I also have a love for animals…see below:



and my Family:






So I hope through my pursuit towards greater knowledge in nutrition to provide you with healthy food choices, yummy recipes, fitness tips, and running recaps. 

Your Healthy Living Blogger



Eat Healthy, Exercise Regularly, and Live Happily 🙂


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