Shoes…OMG Shoes…

So, I won’t be that girl to show you the new heels I bought this weekend.  Nor will I be the girl to show you the new pair of Jeggings that I’m wearing (maybe I will…still on the fence about these).

Nope, I’m the girl to show you the new running shoes that I just got (for a steal!)


The new are on the left, the old on the right…see a little difference?


how about now?


Or now?  Yep those are the same exact shoes (different colors) just the pink ones are done-zo! I can’t believe how different they look, nor how different they feel.  When I got them, I almost thought I bought the wrong shoes!!

I believe that my old shoes may have had a hand in my IT Band issues.  I’m stretching now every night thanks to a plan from Runner’s World. Plus I’m foam rolling.

IT Band ReliefYou should be able to click the picture and make it bigger  (I couldn’t find it in the RW archives, but it was printed in RW April 2010)

Also, last week, I got myself a pair of cycling shoes.



I really recommend getting a pair if you’re a dedicated cycling class participant!  They have really changed my workout.  I bought them from Hodson’s Bay here in town (Lafayette, IN).  The staff was super nice and informative and even put my clips in for me.  Thanks!


Last, when I went to Chicago, I made Chris trek across town to find Lulu 🙂 I didn’t shop otherwise, because I was determined to splurge on something from Lululemon.

In case you don’t know what Lulu is, it’s an athletic apparel store specializing in yoga, dance, and running wear (or in their words “any sweaty pursuit”).  I’m usually a Nike fanatic, but Lulu is winning over my heart with their fashionable and female specific styling. 

My splurge:


The Define Jacket

This jacket was exactly what I was looking for.  A stylish and super comfy way to get myself to and from the gym, and also a great layering piece (which isn’t too heavy) for colder outdoor runs. 

I found that Lulu products run smaller (I usually wear an XS or S and I actually bought an 8 in the jacket-for extra room for layering)



I highly recommend Lulu products, but I also highly recommend going to a Lulu store.  The staff at the Michigan Ave store in Chicago was very friendly and helpful and willing to look for whatever I needed in the size I wanted.  Although I’ll have to do some buying from the internet, I’ll be making a trip every once in a while to my nearest store 🙂

Still on my wishlist though:


The Run Speed Short in Oasis Plaid…

Although the Run: Dash Tight is obviously more practical for this time of year

A girl can dream though.  😉



What workout gear has got you motivated to workout recently?

Do you love Lulu too?


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5 responses to “Shoes…OMG Shoes…

  • onehungrymonster

    I love lulu, I was there the other week and brought a pair of pants and jacket, while I was there the lady told me there was one coming down to where I live. Part of me went YAY, my wallet did not.

  • Stef

    I’ve recently found your blog & love reading & becoming motivated, especially since the cold weather is beginning to set in & running outside seems to become a challenge. Thank you for posting & sharing info.

    I was also curious, as an active individual my whole life, if you wear insoles in your running shoes. I do know some folks tend to get shin splints & other discomfort from not have their foot properly aligned (if there is such a thing). I know there are many ideas of thought on this matter & I thought I would throw it out there!

    Keep writing & I look forward to more insight & motivation!

    • eatontherun

      Hi Stef! Thanks for commenting, and I’m glad you’re finding my blog motivating 🙂 I do wear insoles/orthotics in my shoes. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for quite a few years, and when hip problems prevented me from running, my chiropractor suggested orthotics. He fit me and I love them! I would suggest seeing a podiatrist or a chiropractor if you feel that you need them. I was never sure how to shop for them in the store, so I trusted a professional. Keep coming back, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun

    I do not own any Lululemon but oh how I WISH I did. The jacket is cute! And spin shoes are my best friend.

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