Eye Opening


I’ve been running across a lot of hype about McDonald’s and people claiming that the food doesn’t decompose.  In essence, the food that you put into your body that was handed to you from the drive thru window is like King Tut: resistant to the test of time.  That’s exactly what I want to eat.  *rolling eyes*

Sallie Davies was actually the woman who discovered the non-decomposition phenomenon of McDonald’s food.  After 6 months of watching her “experiment”, she noticed no mold growth on the food but rather a plastic feel and a sheen. 

McDonald’s of course came back to say that Sallie’s claims were unsubstantiated and any burger held this long would not look like this unless it was tampered with.  So you can make of it what you will, but here’s another look at someone else who found that McDonald’s food won’t decompose.


So let me ask you this, if mold and fungi won’t eat this food, why would you??? 

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t eat at McDonalds, but it just raises a good question. 

However McDonald’s food isn’t the only food in your house that is resistant to decomposition…a lot of processed foods won’t age.  Ever wonder why those Christmas sausages they sell in the store can be sold outside the freezer section next to the bread???  Or why frozen pizzas can stay in your freezer for years and still be edible?  Truth is: SALT (and a lot of chemicals). 

So when you’re headed to the grocery store, restaurant, or your kitchen, will you think about your food choices a little more?  I hope so.  That’s really what I’m trying to do here.  I like food that goes bad in a week: fruits, vegetables, fresh bread, fresh fish….

Last photo to leave you with (please come back to Eat On The Run even after I show you this….PLEASE!!!)

What is it???  Think chicken nuggets….


Now go have your lunch break with a healthy whole grain sandwich made with fresh preserves and all natural peanut butter.  Followed by a big juicy pear and unsweetened iced tea 🙂



Disclaimer:  You can Google all these images and websites.  What I wrote about is what I read about.  It is my report.  Seeing this story on CBS news made me realize how much hype it was getting.  So read with a grain of salt and take what you will from it. 


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