Recovery and Questions from #FitBlog

I want to extend a big thank you to my legs for running the 13.1 miles even during times of extreme pain.  Thank you for walking my butt around Chicago that afternoon, and then getting me around campus the next day.  I’m sorry that you’re still sore and achy. 


So I’m taking a few days off from running, teaching spin to work out the kinks, and foam rolling.  Later on this week I’m going to pay homage to one of my favorite recovery tools 🙂



What is #FitBlog chat?:  it is a Twitter chat, set up by Katy Widrick on Tuesday evenings at 9pm.  You don’t have to have a blog to participate. 

Every week someone new will moderate the questions, and the community will respond.  Here’s a list of this weeks questions and my responses….

1) When it comes to the holidays, how do you strike a balance between moderation and celebration?

I usually will indulge in what is special during that time of year.  If it’s pumpkin rolls during Thanksgiving or my mom’s chicken parm on Christmas Eve.  If there is a food I see regularly, like chocolate chip cookies, I’m less likely to indulge.  Try to decide what you really want to try and enjoy and what is going on your plate just to fill space.

1.1) What is your favorite October – December Holiday?

I love Thanksgiving because its all about being with family.  It’s not about the gifts or anything, just family and friends.  That’s the best kind of holiday you could ask for.

2) How has social media changed the way you respond to people that say/do something negative toward you or others?

Social media has made me more aware of our differences to be open minded and smart about how I choose to communicate .  I know that people read my blogs, my tweets, and my facebook updates.  Even if I’m only affecting one person, that is still one person, and I want to influence that person in a positive way.  I think I’ve also grown more immune to others negativity as a result.  Being involved in social media, you see a lot of bashing and complaining.  We need to use these tools to help people, share our knowledge, and spread hope.

3) Define beauty — what does it mean to you in 140 characters or less?

Beauty is appreciating who you are now.  Right now.  Not who you want to be or what you want to look like.  Learn to love who you are now.  Life won’t wait.

3.1) Do you consider yourself beautiful?

I do now.  I didn’t for a very long time.  But, now I’m meeting so many of my health goals…eating well, exercising regularly, and managing my stress levels.  When I’m doing all three of these things I feel beautiful, and I’m therefore motivated to stick with those habits.

4) Look back at the last 10 months of 2010.  What’s your headline?

Goodbye Undergrad…Hello PhD! 


Choose one of these questions and let me know how you would respond 🙂


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