Fall Workout Challenge

I definitely don’t lift enough.  I’m cardio-a-holic, and I’m not patient enough to do muscle conditioning.  But it’s important!  So this fall I’m challenging myself to do a 20 minute at home muscle conditioning workout 2 to 3 times a week!

Challenge: 20 minute at home muscle conditioning workout

Duration: 2-3 x week/4 weeks

I’m only continuing this challenge for 4 weeks because afterward I’m going to switch to different exercises.  Good to keep the muscles guessing 🙂


My At Home Gym:

Total: $75

Compare to a gym membership: $39/month after 2 months you save yourself money!  Also, you could skip the jump rope and do jumping jacks or run in place (Save $5.99)  And anything you do with a kettlebell you can just a hand weight (Save $19.99)  So, you roll in right about $50…not bad 🙂


The Workout:

Click on the image and it will take you to a description of the exercise.

1) Bent Over Row – 10 reps / 3 sets

2) Alternating Lunges – 10 reps / 3 sets

Exercises 1 and 2 I combined.  So after 10 reps of bent over row I did 10 reps of alternating lunges.  I did this until I did 3 sets of each.

3) Bicep Curl with Calf Raise – 10 reps / 3 sets (I used the kettlebell) As you raise the weights come up on to your toes.  As you bring the weights down, lower your heels

4) Swing – Use kettlebell – 10 reps / 3 sets


Again, like above, I combined move 3 and 4.

5) Windmill – 8 reps on each side / 3 sets


6) Chest Press (with the resistance band) 12 reps / 3 sets

7) Squat and Row 12 reps / 3 sets

This time I combined 6 and 7

8) Hamstring Curl with Ball – 10 reps / 3 sets

9) Stability Ball Pass Crunch – 10 reps / 3 sets

I combined 8 and 9.


Last.. I jump roped and did jumping jacks for 4 minutes before and after (alternating 1 minute of each)


My first workout:

DSC01045 DSC01046

I love the workout actually!  Alternating the moves gets my heart rate up enough to keep my motivated.  Sunday down and 1 more day to go this week 🙂


Want to join the challenge with me?  Let me know!


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