Challenge #3 Help

Are you having a hard time with Challenge #3: Becoming Fat Talk Free?

I found this website and it had some great tips on how to cope with feeling fat.  We all feel fat or uncomfortable in our bodies at some point, but that doesn’t make it right for us to mope around when we don’t like how our jeans fit or our hair looks.  Try these tips to help with the Challenge:

1) Find music that makes you happy and dance!  It’s cathartic to let loose and enjoy some tunes that lift your mood.  🙂

2) Put a post-it note up that reminds you of your inner strength.  Then visit


3) Don’t go on fat talk binges.  You know what I mean.  It’s when you and your girlfriends sit around and just say things like “my thighs are too fat” “my hair never does what I want” “I can’t seem to lose any weight”.  STOP IT!  You are just allowing yourselves to become surrounded in negative thoughts.  You are so much more than that and you deserve more than that.  Make it a habit with your friends to lose the “F” word (fat…)

4) If you’re still thinking negative thoughts, distract yourself with something happy.  Play with your kids or your pets.  Play a game.  Read a book or watch one of your favorite movies.  Call a friend or family member.

5) Exercise.  Even light exercise like a brisk walk can boost serotonin levels and give us a more upbeat outlook.  Now do you know why the girls who are in the gym wearing spandex look soooo gosh darn happy?  They’re high on serotonin levels.  It works people!  Get out there and move 🙂

6) Name what’s really bothering you. Our fat talk could just be smoke in the mirrors that’s hiding how you’re really feeling.  When you’re on one of your fat talk binges, take a step back and reflect on what is really wrong.  Are you upset at work?  Did you have a fight with someone you care about? 


Hope these tips help a little bit.  Good luck with Challenge #3.  Let me know how it’s going!

Are you finding it difficult to be fat talk free?


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