Love Your Body

Guess what today is????



as a part of

Fat Talk Free Week

Please watch this


So this is the third installment of my Self Love Challenge!

Challenge:  For the next few days (and FOREVER), instead of focusing on what you are unhappy with about your body, focus on what you love about your body?

It can be that it’s strong


It can be that you love your smile and it brightens everyone’s day…


Or it can be that you love that it can still be playful, even as an adult…

DSCN0408 DSCN0407

Here’s what I love about my body:  I love that its strong and resilient and can bounce back from being sick!  Go me, haha

So I dare you to stop being Negative Nellies and turn into Positive Patties!!!

On that note….I went to my first Girls on the Run meeting last night.  What is Girls on the Run you ask?

It is a program that works with pre-teen girls to help them develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles.  Through 12 weeks of amazing curriculum and training for a 5k, the program hopes to inspire girls to live a healthy life not only physically but mentally as well.

Their vision:

  • To provide life-changing, high quality programs for girls
  • To provide life-changing and high quality experiences to the women developing and delivering the programs
  • To promote and provide an environment that allows girls and women to reach their full potential
  • To positively transform how girls and women perceive themselves and their place in society

I don’t know about you, but this is something that I am very passionate about.  I wish that someone had this established when I was younger. 


The video above is only about 3 minutes but I think that it really sums up what Girls on the Run is really about. 

I want to share with you a visualization that we did last night.  This is a part of the first lessons the girls learn during their bi-weekly training.

“The Girls on the Run Cord”

Imagine that you have a bright light shining out of you.  Imagine that this light is coming from your heart.  It is soooo bright!  It shines from your fingertips, your hair, your eyes.  Now imagine that you have a socket on the top of your head.  Coming from this socket is a long cord.  The cord however is filled with sludge, mud, dark and gross stuff and it dims the light inside your heart.  This cord flows into your brain and your body with messages such as “You’re not pretty enough”, “You’re not smart enough”, “You don’t have the best clothes”, “You don’t have enough money”…. Now take your right hand.  Place on the top of your head and grab on to this cord.  NOW YANK IT OUT!!! Pull as hard as you can and throw it far far away.  Is it gone?  Is it out of sight?  Good, don’t let it come back.  Now take your left hand.  Bring in up to the top of your head and plug in a new cord.  This cord is filled with sunshine, glitter, rainbows and it fuels that beautiful light in your heart. It is filled with messages such as “You’re STRONG”, “You’re BEAUTIFUL”, “You’re one of a kind”.  This cord is the Girls on the Run cord.  Keep it plugged in.

Now don’t let me catch you with that gross, negative cord plugged in, because remember what the challenge is???  Focus on what you love…because every single one of you is a beautiful, vibrant, lovely person 🙂

Have a great evening everyone!  I’ve missed blogging and keeping in touch with you, but I’M BACK! 

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Become Fat Talk Free


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6 responses to “Love Your Body

  • briana

    Yay for GOTR!! Can’t wait to be a part of such an amazing program. It’ll be an awesome way to meet new people and make a difference in these young girls’ lives. Thank goodness for Twitter for opening our eyes to such greatness out there 🙂

    Keep that positive cord plugged in girl, and let it shine bright for all to see !! What was that hamburger chant ?? 😉

  • Elise

    That’s awesome you’re doing Girls on the Run! I’ve wanted to do that for a while now — I’m hoping my class schedule next year allows more flexibility (and free time)!

    Also, I like Fat Free Talk week — it should definitely not just be a week — but for life!

  • Dad

    Glad to have you back!

  • Mom

    Hey Girl! Welcome back to the land of the living. We all missed your blog! The challenge may be a challenge for me at my age, however I can find something…almost every day. Thanks for the incentive and today I love my eyes 🙂

  • chantelleinthecity

    Thanks Melissa. I’ve been feeling really negative about my body lately, and your post has inspired me to think more positively. Can’t wait for the next challenge.

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