Penn State Trip Part 2

So here’s the long waited for conclusion to the best homecoming visit ever!


Can you find the Nittany Lion?  I think someone should do a book like “Where’s Waldo” with the Nittany Lion…what do you think?


It was a beautiful day as we left the stadium.  Even though we lost, it was still a lot of fun to go to the game!


I broke into Room 6 at the White Building later on…I really miss teaching there (sorry Jill if you’re reading this, I locked everything up when I left!)

DSC00904 DSC00907

We have the best decor by far!  Sooooo motivating.  Purdue, hopefully you will step it up by 2012 with this renovation…I’M WAITING!

After scooting through the White Building and reminiscing about the days of Full Body Workouts and Fitness Yoga classes, Mom, Dad, and I walked through campus and then downtown to shop and eat.


What a gorgeous fall day it was on campus (that’s the HUB – our student center)

Once we spent enough money and bought enough Penn State apparel to clothe a third world country, we went to my favorite restaurant in town – The Tavern.


The menu rotates, and its a little more expensive than say going to a TGIFridays, but you get unlimited side dishes with your meal and quality of the service and food can’t be beat.  I got the Beef Tips Stroganoff with a Spinach Mushroom Salad (two of them, just because I can), and green beans.  Dad had a great coleslaw with cranberries and almonds.

DSC00910 DSC00914

The Tavern definitely has that “tavern” feel with wooden walls and low ceilings.  I devoured my meal.  It was like upscale comfort food, perfect to soothe the soul after the loss to Illinois (yes Illinois…I know!)


And you never go to the Tavern without having a dessert.  Mom and I split the Chocolate Mousse.

DSC00912 DSC00913

It had a hint of coconut (we couldn’t place it for awhile) which was perfect!

I split from Mom and Dad after (they were pooped!) and went to see Brittany and Annie!  :)  MISSED YOU GIRLS!  I got the Mad Mex Red Sangria.  yuummm

DSC00916 DSC00917

Don’t you just love the shades!?!?  Marlee is on the far left.  She’s an avid “Eat on the Run” reader.  Thanks for the blog love 🙂


As if I didn’t jam pack enough into my Saturday (yes all the beginning of this post and most of last post was Saturday), we jammed more into Sunday.  Hey, it’s homecoming, live it up right?


After another beautiful morning run, we ran to get a photo with the big man: JOEPA! 

Then (since this is a food and fitness blog) we ate at a Penn State staple The Corner Room  “Meet me at the corner!”


It has been here forever and is connected to Hotel State College and the Allen Street Grill (another one of my favorites).  Probably the most affordable place around.



I usually have the same thing everytime I go:  Eggs Blackstone.  Its a twist on Eggs Benedict, only they serve it with bacon, American cheese, and an English muffin.  No canadian bacon or hollandaise on this baby!

The next few pictures are a photographic depiction of the rest of my time in Happy Valley…

DSC00922 DSC00925

DSC00927 DSC00929

DSC00931 DSC00932

DSC00937 DSC00939

DSC00940 DSC00941

DSC00944 DSC00949

Places featured above: Old Main, the Bell, The Nittany Lion Shrine, The Alumni Center, The Arboretum, views on the way home.

Good-bye Happy Valley.  I’LL BE BACK!  Dream job: being a professor at Penn State (just saying).

When we got home, we went to pick up these little rascals:


Maggie and Chance…my little buddies.  Miss you guys so much 🙂

Then it was over to Aunt Brenda’s to see the whole MP family.  Great food and great company.  Aunt Brenda made the best barbequed pulled pork sandwiches, homemade applesauce, and spinach dip (which I NEED THE RECIPE FOR!) and Aunt Debbie made these yummy stuffed mushroom caps (WHICH I ALSO NEED THE RECIPE FOR!).


Not a bad looking bunch! Love everyone of you sooooo much!



My Penn State Memento (the edible one)


Its little worse for wear after the drive home, but tasted great.   The cookie was from Wegmans, and if you know Wegmans, you know why I’m going a little crazy here with nothing but a Super Target to do my grocery shopping. 


So that’s it my friends.  Penn State Homecoming 2010.  So many fun memories. 

Can’t wait to go back!



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