Penn State Trip: Part 1

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a few days . . . I went home on Friday!!! and then we went immediately to Penn State Smile


I was running around so much on Friday that I had to get a quick bite at the Indianapolis Airport.  A Trail Mix Kashi Bar and some water held me over till I reached Cleveland. 


The plane was crazy small!  It even had propellers.  I guess that’s what you get when it says “Turbo – Prop”


In Cleveland, I had a two hour layover, and I knew that getting to State would take awhile, so I grabbed a bite to eat.  It was rather plain but it held me over.


Then these two goofballs (who made the goofball writing this blog) picked me up at the airport!  I almost cried seeing them Smile I missed home and my family sooooo much!


We drove through tunnels, the city of Pittsburgh, the hills of Pennsylvania, till we reached the center of the universe . . . PENN STATE!


We had a beautiful view of Mount Nittany to greet us the next morning.  On Friday, we didn’t arrive until about 10pm and we just scarfed our food down and went to bed.  I had to sleep on a cot, but if Penn State asked me to sleep on ground I would have.  Sooo happy to be back.


That is Mount Nittany, the reason the Lion Mascot is called a Nittany Lion (sadly not a lot of people know this, and they need to learn it, ASAP!)


Dad and I got some really cool pictures when we went for our run that morning.  Such a beautiful sunrise!  I was ecstatic to be back running in PA.  Nothing beats PA scenery (makes me a little sad I have to go back and run in Indiana).  I believe that God got tired after making this scenery and forgot about the Mid-West.




We had a delicious tailgater buffet breakfast at the Penn Stater Hotel.  PSU Creamery Cream Cheese, PSU eggies, PSU sausage (from the best hogs in the world) and a delicious assortment of fruit.


We rode a bus over from the hotel to Beaver Stadium!  This picture doesn’t do the stadium justice.  Today’s attendance:  107,468 Penn State fans all home for HOMECOMING 2010! (that’s 468 over capacity)


I love the pre-game show and watching the Penn State Blue Band march into the stadium.  The one guy was really into it (see below).




We found our seats and cheered for the Nittany Lions as they entered the field.



Loved being back in Nittany Lion Territory with my two favorite fans Smile


—There’s more to this trip, but that’s about all I can manage to blog about without overloading you. Come back for more delicious bites in Happy Valley and more beautiful scenery. 


Note: PSU lost to Illinois, but we will come back.  We’re rebuilding.   No one should brag as a result of beating our team this year, unless you want to brag that your team, full of veteran players, beat kids right out of high school, then yes, please brag and embarrass yourself.  I will support my Nittany Lions through thick and thin.  Forever True to You Dear Ol’ White and Blue.


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