Country Roads, Take Me Home

So I may not be traveling by car, but tomorrow I’ll be flying home!  🙂

I’m almost packed and I have all my PSU stuff ready to go!


I’m hoping that it will be cool enough to wear my ears…we shall see


Charlie thinks that he’s coming too.  I feel so bad for the poor guy, he doesn’t know that he’ll be by himself for about 48 hours (plenty of water, food, and litter will be provided until Chris can come visit and check on him).  He’s the neediest cat I’ve ever met.  Currently, he has made residence in the suitcase.  If he didn’t meow so much, I’d shut the bag (leave a small gap for air) and just take him with me!


I have a yummy bite to share with you.  I’ve seen these on many blogs before and decided to try them myself.



I was writing my list of things that I need to pack and used these to fuel me through the last stages of packing.

Slice an apple in half sideways.  I used a melon baller to cut out the middle.  Top with your fav nut butter and toppings.  I used chocolate chips, but you can use berries, flaked coconut, or I’ve seen pumpkin on a few!


Does everyone have an ongoing “Wish List” in their head??? I currently do, and I’ll need an ongoing “Budget” to accompany it.

Wish List

  • Since writing this blog, I have started to really enjoy photography.  The angles, lighting, and colors fascinate me.  So of course this would then appear on my list:

Canon Rebel XS

I’ve done some research and this seems to be the best for a “cheaper” DSLR.

  • Cycling shoes!  Yes I’ve been teaching spin for a about 2 years now and am just now realizing what a huge mistake I am making in not having shoes that clip.  Must do research and buy shoes.
  • the new iPod Nano in Pink of course.  I have a feeling my iPod is going to take its last breath soon (I wear it out by the amount of exercise I do).  The new nano has a clip which is perfect for active folks 🙂

  • Enough said..I want one!

  • Lululemon Speed Shorts – Yes I’ve been wanting plaid running shorts, but who wouldn’t!! sooooo cool 🙂


  • Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Mat – the only thing hindering me from going back to hot yoga is that I feel like I’m going to fall on my face from the sweat hehe


So I will start my budgeting and hopefully I will be able to financially discipline myself to acquire a few things on my list! :)  Where is Suze Orman when you need her?


See ya’ll in Happy Valley!


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2 responses to “Country Roads, Take Me Home

  • Bride Anne

    A melon baller is a great idea! I was haphazardly using a knife and trying not to cut off a finger.

    I hope that Penn State has no trouble with Illinois. I mean seriously, they haven’t been great for a few years.

  • chantelleinthecity

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m a new reader, but I have to say, I’m loving your blog so far 🙂

    Your recipes are delicious, your cat is adorable, and your blogs are so inspiring.

    Looking forward to reading more!

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