Self Love Challenge #2

How did you do with the first challenge “See Your Body as a Gift”?

Well that was just step 1!  Here’s your next challenge, coming to you at the beginning of the week so that you can implement it each day 🙂

Self Love Challenge #2 – Focus on the positive.

I really believe that when you can find happiness in the everyday, the rest of your life will fall into place.  Since I moved, I have to make a conscious effort everyday to find a positive point.  Being homesick and uprooted from a place that I love makes being happy a little harder. 

So instead of focusing on things such as “my hips are too fat” or “my hair is a mess” start to focus on “I kick ass at my job!” or “I have the best family”.


If you pick up this month’s issue of Self Magazine, there is a really great article titled “Get Into a Happiness Habit”.  Author of How We Choose to Be Happy spent 3 years traveling the world looking for the happiest people (how do I get that job????).  What they found was that a joyful attitude took practice.  “Whoever you are, things will inevitably go wrong” (ie: a bad hair day, a feeling of low self esteem") “But those who stay positive continually make conscious choices about how to respond, rather than automatically reacting to the circumstances”. 

I think that speaks volumes to the old adage “Happiness is a journey not a destination”. 

Not only do we need to consciously choose to be happy, we must learn to find that happiness in the things that truly matter.  It doesn’t matter if you never look good in skinny jeans, it doesn’t matter if your hair falls flat one day, it doesn’t matter if you never look like Jennifer Aniston.  You know what matters?  Family, friends, how you treat people, and God (if you have a deep rooted faith.  but this is what constitutes a purposeful life for me).

This week, focus on what really matters.  Try writing down one thing that makes you happy everyday this week.  You’ll see your focus switch from the physical to the  important.



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