You’re From the Future

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On a Saturday, I got my bum up at 530 am to drive to a dairy farm.  Why???  To run a 10K of course…ON A DAIRY FARM!!!  All packed and ready to go, I ate my power breakfast (Nature’s Pride Nutty Oat bread with PB and Jelly with amazing Donut Shop coffee from The Coffee People) and jumped in the car with Tiff.  Neither one of us had been to Fair Oaks Farms, but how hard could it be to get there????

HARD!  Not only did we experience downpours in the dark driving there, but then we got lost and drove around for an extra 40 minutes.  Race start was 8 am.  By the time we pulled into Fair Oaks, the clock of my SUV read “7:57 am”  …. major fail.  Guess what though.  We crossed the time zone.  It was actually “6:57am”  and we were 1 hour early.  PERFECT! 


The weather wasn’t looking too promising, but we were optimistic.  The lady at check-in had a pretty good laugh with us about our cross over in time zones.  She giggled and then said “Oh you’re from the future”.  I thought “Yep, we already experienced this hour and it wasn’t too bad :)”.

After getting some coffee and exploring our after race eats at the cafe on site, we went back to car to pin on our numbers, layer up, and head to the start line.


LOOK!!!  A break in the clouds.  And yes, we did have partly cloudy skies the entire 10K. 

DSC00757 DSC00760

All decked out and ready to go, we headed to the start.  1 mile in, the clouds broke enough to reveal the prettiest rainbow.  I knew it was going to be a good race.  And it was.  I’m not sure of my exact time yet, but I’ll post it when it comes up.  There were parts of the race that went into trails and grass (we were on a dairy farm for goodness sakes).


It was the perfect fall morning. 


Happy finishers with the cow :)  We definitely were a little wind blown.


Once we got ourselves stretched out, we went over to the cafe again.  I wanted to take home some cheese!  What did I get???  Veggie Havarti, sooo yummy!  I’ll definitely be coming back for more.  They had the most amazing cheddar too. 

What kind of swag does one get for a dairy farm race???  HONEY MILK!

DSC00764It had an outrageous amount of protein – 20g for 150 kcal in the chocolate.   Also, the calcium in it was 60% of your Daily Value.  Real milk has 30%.  It was ok.  I looked up the price for it: 12 pack for $35.  Why not just have a greek yogurt?  But it was fun, and I took 3 of them at the end of the race.  Might as well bump up my calcium and protein intake this week by adding it to my smoothies.

What else did we get?


Well a cow bell medal of course!  🙂



DSC00767 DSC00770

Cheesy toasted bread with Tomato Bisque.  Great for a fall day. 


Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and doing a few fun things.  Are you running any races soon???


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