A Happy Vegetarian


Can you tell who your guest blogger is today???

Here’s a close up:


Yep it’s Mr. Charlie!  He has a message he would like to share with you:

Yep it’s World Vegetarian Day!  If you’re new to  vegetarianism and aren’t really open to the idea of excluding meat from your diet consider this:

Are humans designed/evolved to eat everything and at risk of malnutrition as vegetarians? Or is vegetarianism the healthy and ethical choice? The most impressive data arises from a study of 1904 vegetarians over 21 years by the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum). The study’s shocking results: vegetarian men reduced their risk of early death by 50%! Women vegetarians benefit from a 30% reduction in mortality.

Research by a team led by Professor Ibrahim Elmadfa at the University of Vienna found a much better than average intake of Vitamin C, Carotinoides, Folic acid, fiber and unsaturated fats. Where shortcomings may arise is for Vitamin B12, calcium und Vitamin D in a vegan diet. Astoundingly, however, study participants did not suffer from diseases, such as osteoporosis, typically related to inadequate intakes of these micro-nutrients.  [source]

So if you want to celebrate this day with me, try going meatless just for today!  Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, cut meat out of your diet for the entire month of October as it’s the first Vegetarian Awareness Month.  I’m not a full convert to the vegetarian diet, but there is still research that shows going meatless a few times during the week can provide similar benefits.

Need ideas for recipes?  Try my recipe page!  I recommend the zucchini pizza since it’s Friday.

or go to my favorite Vegetarian website.


Have a wonderful day 🙂


PS:  Charlie will be eating his normal diet. . . .But it is all natural!


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