Dinner Rescue

Lately, I haven’t been eating a lot of meat.  Actually, I felt better not eating meat, but I needed a little boost in iron and my Aunt Brenda brought me all this GOOD beef.  You just can’t let that get freezer burn.  So I decided to whip out the crock pot and get to work!

Teriyaki Beef Salad


I’m not really good with asian flavors, so I had to completely follow the recipe!  Maybe I’ll build up my confidence enough to play with these ingredients a bit more.

  • 1 lb steak or roast (I used a cube steak and it worked perfectly)
  • 3 TBSP soy sauce
  • 2 TBSP canola oil
  • 2 TBSP honey (Aunt Debbie?  Do you see how many times honey is coming up in my recipes?  Should we write a cookbook together and sell it with your honey???)
  • 2 TBSP finely chopped garlic
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 2 TBSP chopped green onion (I only had a regular onion and I added 1/4 cup!)

Mix all the ingredients except the beef together.  Place the roast in the crock pot, pour the mixture over top and cook on low for 8 – 10 hours or on high for 3 – 4 hours.


Cut up your favorite veggies and toss up your favorite salad.


I love bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.  I’m also a fan of croutons (the garlic cheese) but I didn’t know if the flavors would mix well, so I crumbled up some Stacy’s Pita Chips.


Shred the beef when done.  Place on top of your salad.  Use any kind of cheese that you like, but I found shredded mozzarella worked really well.  And, since I didn’t have any asian flavored dressings, I used red wine vinegar and EVOO with a little pepper. 

So hopefully if you were having a problem deciding what to make for dinner you just figured it out 🙂



Update:  I appealed my fine.  I’ll let you know the verdict.

Also, continue working hard on your Self Love Challenge #1!!!!  I’ll check in tomorrow and give you a new one.  Have a wonderful day.


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3 responses to “Dinner Rescue

  • Shawna

    This recipe would also be good with Morningstar Crumbles for those who want a “meaty” taste, but prefer not to eat beef. But now I want a nice piece of round steak! With tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms! 🙂

  • Aunt Debbie

    I will try to make this salad next week. The girls at school look forward to your new dishes. Are you trying to tell me that you need some honey?????? Honey!

    Dylan says, Hello.

    Aunt Debbie & Dylan

  • Stefanie @thenewhealthy

    I really need to get my crockpot out and start making some meals like this! I wonder what I could use a meat substitute in the crockpot? Hmm, I’ll have to do some recipe research!

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