The Great Pumpkin

. . . Charlie Brown!  hahaha just had to stick that in there.  Maybe I will get Charlie a pumpkin costume for Halloween???

Anyways, has everyone else heard that we are in a pumpkin shortage?  When I mention the pumpkin shortage to people, they look at me as though I have two heads.  Then I proceed to look at them as though they have two heads and it’s just mass confusion.  Here’s what Libby’s has to say.

“Early in the harvest last year, it looked like we would have plenty of pumpkin, but Mother Nature had other plans for us. The heavy rains throughout the harvest have made it nearly impossible to pick our pumpkins. That’s because tractors and other equipment were not able to move through the saturated fields. We hope she’s better to us this season, giving us a little less rain and a lot more sunshine because we are already planning to plant even more acres of pumpkins. This way everyone can enjoy as many delicious pumpkin dishes as they want!”

I hope that mother nature is much better too because I finished off my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (I did share some, so I didn’t eat the whole batch!).  I don’t have anymore canned pumpkin to be able to make more right now.  😦



Then I heard about this Pumpkin Festival going on in a nearby town.  What luck!  I miss pumpkin and the world throws me a whole festival of pumpkin!  So Chris and I got up early (well I got up early, Chris was still not brown eyed and bushy tailed at the ungodly hour of 9 am…hehe) and drove down to start our morning with fresh made pumpkin pancakes.


So after a yummy breakfast and coffee, we went to pick out the best pumpkin… hmmmmm so many to choose from!  Once we finally found it we decided that we are going to carve it.


Our little pumpkin wasn’t very tall but it had a great stem.  That’s the key I believe in pumpkin picking; you’ve got to find the best stem (it’s tough to carry a heavy pumpkin when you don’t have a proper stem).

2010-09-25_10-47-32_719We were quite proud of our selection!  By the way, you see that tractor behind us????  They were giving free hay rides, but we missed it 😦


It was such a pretty day.  Look how flat everything is out here.  It just amazes me every time.  Do you remember the scene in Twister where the cow goes zooming over the road?

Anyways, this is the picture I get when I see these flat lands.  Not the best thing to have in mind considering what I saw next:

2010-09-25_11-11-07_921Yep!  I got to pet a cow.  This one was only about 8 weeks old, so sweet!!!


And the piggies were all snuggled in. Aren’t they cute!?

Well goodbye pumpkin festival; it’s been swell 🙂




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