Take a Breath

Exam #1 in Core is over!  Core is the class that they make all 1st year Foods and Nutrition graduate students take.  Pretty much its an indepth Biochemistry course meant to tear you apart.  Literally. 

Now I can breathe a little easier and maybe enjoy life . . .  what a thought! 🙂

Yesterday I felt like crashing afterward.  And I did…hard!  My brain went into “hibernate” mode and I just stopped thinking for about 6 hours.  I feel much better.

Then I had this amazing idea!  Why don’t I make fall pockets…they’re like Hot Pockets only much better and much healthier (hot pockets kind of creep me out).

Savory Apple and Acorn Squash Pockets


Microwave 1 acorn squash: cut in half, remove seeds, place face down in microwaveable dish with enough water to coat the bottom.  Microwave for 4 minutes.  Rotate dish and microwave for 4 more minutes.  (this is the lazy girls guide to squash….stay tuned for more)


Saute half an onion (chopped fine) in 2 Tbsp olive oil (or enough to coat a medium saute pan)


Add 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of chicken broth, 1 chopped apple (with skins), a handful of raisins (now we’re getting technical!), dash of ground ginger, and fresh cracked black pepper.  Cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes, or until apples become soft and the mixture reduces.


Scoop out the cooked acorn squash and add to mixture.  It will look a bit mashed but that’s what you want to fill the pockets with.


Using one roll of crescent rolls, scoop some of the mixture into 2 triangles and squeeze shut.  Above is how the first two turned out.  Don’t do it this way.  I don’t recommend it.  See below


Make into triangle and use a fork to seal the edges.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.  Bake for 15 minutes at 375.


So the triangles were the best version.  But I ended up eating the dumpling looking ones.   They were very tasty either way, but here’s what I would do differently:

ADD CHEESE!!!  Are you surprised???  I would sprinkle the bottom of the pocket with either extra sharp cheddar cheese or put a piece of havarti


I enjoyed my dinner on my patio and started to catch up on some reading: Runner’s World Magazine!  Love that Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe are having a baby almost on the same day and still keeping up their training.  Speaks volumes about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy 🙂


Charlie watched the birds from the screen door. 




It’s supposed to be 90 degrees today!  What is that!?!?!?  Better keep the air on for a few more days.  Maybe Mother Nature could save up some of this heat and give us a milder winter???  I’ll put that in the suggestion box at church on Sunday.

Have a wonderful day!


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