Bouncing Back

Today, looking back, was actually great!  If you would have asked me this morning how today was, I would have said “sucky”.

The reason for this is because I started feeling better as the day went on.  Whatever cold/flu bug that invaded my body is slowly evacuating.  :) 

I attribute it to the many green monsters I have been drinking while being sick.  I made a new one this morning because I found something new at Target!


The reason I find this to be revolutionary (in my books) is because its not the slimy spinach you find in a box but rather leaf spinach frozen!  I didn’t have to add any ice to this green monster.


I did however have to add 1/2 cup more soy milk because the spinach was frozen. 



Wham Bam a Cold/Flu Knock Out Drink!  Melissa: 1   Cold/Flu: 0 

Then I put myself together, wrote a grocery list, and headed for the Farmers Market and the grocery store.

It was a beautiful day to walk in downtown Lafayette.


Some of the store fronts are very cute.  I passed a yoga studio.  Might look that one up sometime. 


I love Harvest Season 🙂

I brought home a boat load of groceries, but my favorite find were these beautiful zinnias.


Aunt Brenda?  Do you recognize that mason jar?  Yep that’s the peach mason jar!  I found a great use for it 🙂

After a morning of food shopping, I was hungry!  Time for PSU football, studying, and tomato soup with grilled cheese:


I reheated more of Aunt Brenda’s tomato soup (yum) and made a grilled cheese with provolone and Nature’s Pride Nutty Oat Bread.  This is definitely a new favorite.

I have been needing a hair appointment for awhile, but I’ve been afraid to allow someone new to touch my hair (anyone else feel me on this one?).  But after reading many reviews, I decided to trust my mane to Evan Todd Salon on the Wabash Landing.  It always looked pretty from the outside.

Here’s Before Hair Appointment:


Obviously looking a little scruffy :/

After Hair Appointment


All better!  Definitely a trip to the salon was what I needed after being sick.  Thanks to Lily for the wonderful pampering!


To complete the evening I made ZUCCHINI PIZZA!!!!


no no no…please don’t stop reading.  I know veggies on a pizza may make it seem healthy, but trust me on this one, you will never know the difference.  It literally will knock your socks off!

Knock Your Socks Off – Zucchini Pizza

adapted from: Eat, Live, Run


Shred 2 large zucchinis.  Put shreds in paper towels and ring out excess zucchini juice.


Mix zucchini shreds with a lot of mozzarella cheese.  It should look like a 1:1 ratio of zucchini to cheese.  This is where my culinary skills come in and I ditch measuring cups.


Mix 1 cup of regular ricotta cheese with 2 cloves or minced garlic and 1 tsp of Italian seasonings and fresh cracked black pepper to taste.


Preheat oven to 450.  Pick your favorite pre-made pizza crust (you can make your own if you would like, or you can make this simple on yourself and buy a cheap-o crust and have a still delicious pizza on your hands…your decision).  Spread ricotta mixture on the crust.  Then top with zucchini and mozzarella cheese.  Sprinkle with parm and red pepper if you like.  Bake for 15 minutes or until edges are crispy brown.


Ta-Da!  Let cool for a few minutes then slice and eat 🙂



I topped mine with fresh diced tomato.  Also, notice the plates???  Yes, that was a gift from my “sister” Shawna.  (not biologically my sister, just a sister through my heart)


Charlie and I watched Monster-In-Law while we enjoyed the pizza.  He thought he wanted a bite but then realized there was no fish in the dish!  So he went to sleep.


Good job Char-Meister!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Here’s what I will be doing the rest of the night and into tomorrow:


Looks amazing right???


At least I have a hot mug of Chai Latte to keep me company!  This mug should read “5K Woman” for tomorrow’s 5K effort…let you know how that one turns out. 


Buono Notte !


Quote to leave you with:

“Consider tomorrow, but put your energy into today.”


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