Thought for the Evening. . .

One thing that I have noticed, being a girl and being around girls, is the amount of negative self talk we use. Examples:

– “Uggghhh my legs look fat”
– “This shirt makes me look like a cow”
– “Why did I eat that!?!? I need to lose weight…”

This is only the tip of the iceberg for how mean we can be to ourselves. However I read this post on Kristen Armstrong’s Blog through Runner’s World, and it said that we should appreciate our bodies for what it can do.

I’m going to have more about this tomorrow, but I want everyone tonight to take a pledge.

A pledge to end the self induced battery on our egos.

A pledge to appreciate our bodies for the way God made them (whatever God you believe in).

A pledge to take care of our bodies, not through starvation, endless workouts, or crazy cosmetic application, but take a pledge to take care of our bodies through eating healthy, exercising daily, and always reminding ourselves that only we can make ourselves feel inferior.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.  And remember…You Are Beautiful!


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4 responses to “Thought for the Evening. . .

  • Kim

    I love this blog and I took the pledge! I encourage very woman to do the same. We are so critical of our bodies and we can’t live up to the image that society has set forth for us. I have definitely improved my lifestyle with better food choices and remaining active. If you feel good on the inside you can only radiate beauty on the outside. And you are right…only we can allow other people to make us feel inferior. WOMAN POWER!!!

  • Shawna

    I will also take the pledge! Such a fantabulous idea.

  • Brenda

    I am taking the pledge to treat myself the way I treat the other people I love in my life…..YOU AND I ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

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