I Want to be my Cat.

Some days, don’t you wish you could be this blissful?


I definitely felt like that today.  It was just a day that I felt like getting work done was just as difficult as digging a route to China in my backyard.  Although it felt awful, I got what I needed to done!  *Pat on the back*

Also, I waited way too long to eat lunch.  So pretty much that’s why my afternoon felt like trash.  Anyone else have that problem?  Do you ever eat lunch so late, that by the time you eat it you never fully recover.  I call this my “No Food Hangover”.   My mind decided to shut down, or run off of the ketones that my body decided to make during my mini starvation period this afternoon.

So a late afternoon coffee is all that is keeping me from a 5pm bed time!


By the way…I LOVE MY KEURIG! It sounds a bit like an airplane taking off when I run it, but I don’t care what it does, it makes the best coffee! 


Donut Shop Coffee by the Coffee People is definitely my favorite.  I enjoy the International Delight Caramel Macchiato Creamer too.  mmmmmm

How do you snap out of a mid-afternoon coma? 


PS!  Here’s the Cycling Playlist for tonight’s class :)  I love going and teaching, it always helps to snap me back to life!

Cycling 9/14

  1. Cookie Jar – Gym Class Heroes
  2. Be My Escape – Relient K
  3. Black and Gold – Sam Sparro
  4. Bottoms Up – Keke Palmer
  5. Dancing In the Dark – Bruce Springsteen
  6. Give it to Me – Madonna
  7. Animal – Neon Trees
  8. Hard – Rihanna
  9. Human – The Killers
  10. American Woman – Lenny Kravitz (obsessed with this song – REPEAT!!)
  11. Good Life – OneRepublic
  12. Barbeque – ALO (I’m just getting into this band, but it’s pretty chill)

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