Your Questions Answered!

I got a few questions throughout the day!  Two really struck me as thought provoking though:

Q1: “I have a huge sweet tooth!  How can I control myself from eating too much at once!?!?”

A1: Do not fret!  I too had a horribly awful sweet tooth.  (Actually I couldn’t go to sleep till I put a piece of chocolate in my mouth)

Here’s what worked for me (not to say it will work for everyone):

I started to eat more whole foods.  By whole foods, I mean foods that come in their natural forms, like whole fruits and vegetables, all natural grains (quinoa, brown rice, bulgar).  Also, I cut out a lot of animal products.  I’m not a complete vegetarian or vegan, but I don’t consume nearly as much animal products as I used too.

If you try to incorporate more of above foods into your diet and still feel your sweet tooth getting the best of you…try keeping only one sweet food in the house at a time.  I always keep dark chocolate in my apartment.  When the mood strikes, I have one piece.  Self control is a learned trait.  Reward yourself in other ways: a new piece of clothing, a trip to the movies, or even a new workout class you wouldn’t have normally paid for (hot yoga anyone!?)

Hope that helped!

Q2: McDonald’s has just debuted a Smoothie on their menu…how healthy is this? And are smoothies in general healthy?

A1: This is a double edged sword.  For calorie content, I do not find a small or medium McDonald’s smoothie all that awful for a snack (once in awhile).  I’m not quite sure what McDonald’s is putting in their smoothies, because the sugar content is out of this world!  Here’s what I recommend…if you like smoothies, make them at home!

DSC00392I like GreenMonster smoothies…although their color is not for everyone!  Frozen fruit and skim milk/soy milk make amazing smoothies that are pretty much fat free and low in added sugars.

Two Smoothie Recipes I Recommend:


1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 cup frozen sliced strawberries

1/4 large banana (you can freeze the other half and make an Overnight Oat Parfait the next day!)

1 cup skim milk/soy or almond milk

5 cubes ice


Virgin Green Monster

2 large handfuls of fresh baby spinach (put into a bowl, sprinkle with water, microwave for 3 min and let cool)

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1.5 TBSP flaxseed (soooooo good for you!)

1 banana in chunks

1 cup skim milk/soy or almond milk

4 ice cubes

BLEND BLEND BABY!  Drink and watch your energy levels soar


Thanks for the questions today guys!  Hope my answers help and if you have anymore, please ask!  You don’t have to wait for a Questions Post to come up 🙂

Have a wonderful night, and sleep well!

Charlie definitely will:


Quote for the evening:

Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness” – Richard Carlson

Next post….HEALTHY COOKIES! (it can’t be true….can it?)


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One response to “Your Questions Answered!

  • Katie Molland

    Made my first green (mud) monster this morning. I added a scoop of my bf’s protein powder and blueberries. It was FANTASTIC!!! fueled me in turbo mode through the morning. We will definitely be having more of these!

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