How do you fuel?

When we try to lead healthy lives, we usually try to include some form of exercise.  Exercise to me is like crack…the more I get, the more I want.  But the more you exercise, the more important it is to fuel properly.

* Eating before exercise allows our body to have sufficient fuel (needed to have a great, and effective workout)

* Eating after exercise gives our body the nutrients it needs to recover so that you can workout just as hard next time

Working out on an empty or full stomach is never pleasant, so how do we choose which foods to consume?  Here’s a few of my favorite things to eat before or after I workout:


– Oatmeal: great for lasting energy

– Peanut Butter (all natural): perfect for a protein boost (keeps you full for a long time too)

– GreenSuperFood: good in a morning smoothie

– Larabars: nothing artificial here

– Clif Shot Blocks:  favorite thing for a long run

– Endurox R4 Shake:  perfect for recovery


Rule of Thumb:

Before Exercise:  Consume 100-200 calories if it’s going to be under an hour or 200 – 300 if the workout will last more than an hour.  Make it a low protein, low fiber, and high carbohydrate food.  Banana with PB, graham crackers and milk etc.

After Exercise:  Eat within 1 hour after working out.  If your eating a full meal make it about 400 – 600 calories and include lots of healthy protein (nuts, legumes, lean meats)  and some carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread).  If its just a snack, 100 – 250 calories is a good amount to eat.  High protein and carbohydrate foods are perfect (think chocolate milk, a protein bar)

Here’s what I had before I taught Cycling last night:


Peanut butter and an apple!  YUMMY!  I got such a good workout and we had a blast (see it works 😉 )

Charlie also fueled up:


Although he went straight back to bed:


Hope this little tidbit helps you figure out what to eat before your next workout.

A little diagram that helps me remember what’s important to be healthy:

The healthy life triangle

(I did this on paint….reason for the 3rd grade-esque quality hehe)


Quote for the day:

“Running is the best metaphor for life:  you get out of it what you put into it.”

Happy Running, Happy Fueling!


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