Game Day Saturday!

We want the lion

Above:  Nittany Lion being handed up the Stadium….”We Want the Lion!  We Want the Lion!”  It’s bad luck too if you drop the lion.

Yesterday was the first day of Penn State Football.  Fall is the time of year my inner tom boy comes out and I get all excited for pigskin, specifically the type that comes from Happy Valley, PA. 

I’ve spent the past four years at University Park attending the games, so yesterday my routine did not falter.  I got out of bed, put on my game day jewelry, my jersey, and got my Penn State bear and large stuffed Nittany Lion poised for the best show in college football.



Yep!  We were decked out and ready to go.  The only thing now was to head to the farmers market and get some food!  That’s right, even it being Penn State football, I can’t miss the Farmer’s Market here in Lafayette.  It’s the beauty of living in the Mid-West 🙂

Here’s the stash of goods that I got:


Sweet potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, Butterkase cheese from a local dairy farm, butternut squash, and not pictured:  Apples (in the fridge) and a HUGE oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookie from Great Harvest bakery (in my belly).  Yes, I did go to the market hungry, hence the reason for Mr. Cookie missing the photo shoot.

Nittany (what I call my Large Stuffed Nittany Lion, I know….creative right!?) and I got all snuggly and settled in for the game.



Here was some post game sustenance:


Veggie Burger in a whole wheat wrap with a fresh tomato and spicy mustard! Yummmmmy!


Cantaloupe also showed up and joined the party.  And look what a beautiful day it was.   Sixty eight degrees and sunny.  Definitely felt like football weather.


In the evening, I got a little creative and whipped up a dish that I learned to make during my trip in Italy.


Butternut Squash Risotto.  But that is coming in the next post… 🙂


Quote to leave you with:

“Sure, luck means a lot in football.  Not having a good quarterback is bad luck.” ~Don Shula

Bold(en) New Day


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