New Updates

So in my crazy life, blogging has to wait till the weekend, but please stay tuned for some cool recipes and some culinary flops (so sad).

While you’re waiting, go ahead and visit a few new points on the site:

A Marathon Training Schedule (under “Race Ahead”)-  Courtesy of check out the site, check out the schedule, and I’ll let you know how that’s going.  I’ve got a 10 mile run coming up! woo hoo!!!

New links:  Look at “Sites to Love” and here are a few of my favorite points from the listed websites.  Should help either keep you fueled (healthy eats from food network) or keep you working out (design your own workout video for free!).

Quotes:  Under “Quotes”  are some of my favorite thoughts from great minds.  Write up a few of your own and post them.  I’m always looking for new.

Hope this keeps you going for at least 24 more hours.  I miss blogging, and I miss my readers.  See ya soon!


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Hi Gang! I'm Melissa and I'm blogging at I'm a RD2Be and am pursuing a career in nutrition and fitness. I hope to bring you lots of information and tips to make your life healthier and happier. Please join me on this journey! View all posts by Melissa @ Eat on the Run

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