Get Outside

Boot Camp Ladies!

Today, I debuted my “boot camp” workout to the Purdue fitness staff!  We created this workout to get the patrons outside of the Co-Rec and give them a chance to focus on basic fitness.  Using nothing but our body weight and the great outdoors, we got one kick butt workout!

Interested in doing a few things outdoors other than running, walking, or swimming?  Want to shake up your summer fitness routine?  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Circuit #1 – Find a hill (make it so that it takes you anywhere from 3 -5 minutes to climb)

Use the hill as your cardio interval by running up the hill.

At the top rotate through 10 squats/10 lunges (each leg)/10 pushups

Try to complete this circuit twice the first time and work up to 5 times.

Circuit #2 – Find a flight of stairs like the kind you find at a stadium or at a large building

Run up the stairs – at the top do 5 plyo squats

Run down the stairs – do 1 pushup/1 side plank/ 1 pushup/ 1 side plank (opposite) x 4

Run wide up the stairs like you are running through tires (in a half squat) at the top do 15 tricep dips

Run down the stairs and complete 5 high knee skips on each leg.

*** Complete this circuit one time then work up to 3 times.

TOTAL TIME: 25 – 50 minutes (depending on repeats)

Here are a few links on how to do each move:

High Knee Skips

Pushup with Side Plank

Try this the next time you workout outside.  I’m sure it will pick up your zest for exercising again!


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