Oommm :)

Fear downward dog?  Loathe the slow pace ?  Not sure if you have an inner “yogi”?

You’re not alone!  Most people feel a little intimidated by yoga.  Especially when you walk past a class and someone looks like a new version of the Auntie Anne’s pretzel you just chowed on at the mall.  I too thought yoga was not for me!  I resisted, but eventually I converted and now I have come to love the benefits I receive from a good yoga session. I feel less tense, my mind is clear, and I feel ready for anything.  Currently I instruct yoga classes geared towards those who lead an active lifestyle.  I hope to help them master poses and series that will help to enhance their lifestyle.

Actually, it IS common belief that you can enhance your performance either in sports or daily life through regular yoga practice.  I choose to instruct a power yoga, which can be a physically challenging form.  Any form of yoga you choose can provide such benefits as reduced stress, better sleep, and a better sense of well being.

Not sold?   Well, even performing a few yoga stretches a day can be medicinal for your muscles and your body.  After your daily run or bout at the gym, try these:

Do this stretch for your hip flexors.  They get used so much in sports such as cycling, running, and walking.  Major thing to watch for—keeping your front knee in alignment with  your ankle and keeping most of your weight in the front leg.  Repeat on other side.

This is a great stretch for your hamstrings.  Keep everything limp from your waist to your head.  Connect opposite hand with opposite elbow to make a box for your head to hang it.  Toes face forward and weight is equally distributed between the front and back of your foot.

Great for your quadriceps!  Front leg should be bent and half your weight distributed into it.  Other leg is bent behind you.  Reach back and place hand on the top of your foot (same hand as your foot ie: left hand and left foot).  Pull heel towards your glute until you feel a slight stretch. Again, repeat on the other side.

Remember, never stretch to the point you feel pain.  I like to be warmed up before I do any stretches to avoid pulling a muscle.  As always, make sure that you are ready for yoga by checking with your doctor (you never know!).

Hope you try these few yoga pose and enjoy them.  Until next time…Namaste 🙂


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