PB and J all the way!

I have always been a fan of peanut butter.  As a kid I was very picky about where the peanut butter was on the bread in relation to the jelly (on the bottom please!).  Now I enjoy peanut butter on toast, in smoothies, in desserts, and even just right out of the jar.  Here’s the facts about Peanut Butter:

image courtesy of google images

– Peanut butter is high in fat, but they are a type of fat that is good for your heart.  Monounsaturated fats appear to lower LDL cholesterol (otherwise known as the “bad” cholesterol)

-Peanut butter has a good amount of protein, around 8 grams.  Protein helps to repair muscles after exercise and protein is also known help you feel full.

-Peanut butter is high in calories, so moderation is key!  2 tbsp is the recommended serving.

So try this heart healthy fat with apples, on your whole wheat toast, or just out of the jar.  If you don’t like the sweetness that regular peanut butter offers, you may want to try an all natural peanut butter.  Also, try chunky versions for more texture!


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