Hot in Here…

Lately, it has been so hot, that running actually feels draining instead of rejuvenating.  Beating the heat is actually something you have to wean yourself into.  I have only been doing 3 to 4 milers.  Here’s what we need to know to keep ourselves strong, even in intense heat:

  • Even hydrated runners can get heatstroke.  High humidity and high heat with intense efforts are dangerous even if you had enough to drink before heading out.
  • I’ve found that getting up before the sun or with the sun is my best bet for a good run.  I wear lose clothing that wicks moisture.  When the sun is fully shining, I look for the shadiest part of the street.  You may see me hopping from one side of the road to the other to find the perfect amount of shade.
  • If the effort feels more intense, that’s normal. It’s probably a good idea not to get in an intense workout or go the normal distance.  I’ve been cutting back and saving harder workouts for days when the heat lets up.

image courtesy of google images

I’ll let you know if the heat ever lets up.  Tomorrow doesn’t look good, another extreme heat advisory.  Till next time…drink up (water that is) and run happy (or sweaty) 🙂

PS:  I thought this article from Runner’s World was interesting.  Check it out … there’s a link on my Twitter Page –>


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